Cloud Architecture

7. Working with dog


We were assigned to a factory to take charge of defining the architecture models of applications and infrastructure services to meet availability, continuity and resilience objectives in all technical and development aspects.

Our remit was as follows:

  • Advice and assistance in development projects and programs;
  • Participation in architecture committees;
  • Recommendation of best practices in IT resilience of applications and infrastructure hosted on-premises and in the public cloud;
  • Use of managed services from cloud providers;
  • Breakdown into micro-services;
  • Containerisation with Docker and orchestration with Kubernetes.


  • Docker
  • AWS
  • IBM Cloud
  • Kubernetes

The keys to success

The implementation of a microservices architecture to build always-on and highly scalable applications: FaaS Containers, NoSQL managed databases (highly resilient with optimum access times);
Recommendation of toolchains to automate “build compile, test, deploy release” processes by upstream integration of security and quality (DevOps and DevSecOps);
Deployment of a “people, process, product” continuous improvement process.