Driving Licence


Currently, the foreign driving licence of countries covered (CPLP and OECD) by the new exception regime can be used until it expires. Only then can the change be made to a Portuguese licence.


Tip: If you renew your Driving Licence before coming to Portugal, you will only have to convert to a Portuguese licence after 10 years.


What do you need to exchange your driving licence?

  • Have a medical assessment carried out and the medical certificate must be made available by the doctor on the electronic medical certificate platform;
  • Take a psychological assessment if you intend to have the categories for driving heavy goods vehicles on your foreign driving licence added to your Portuguese licence;
  • Fill in an online form on the IMT website;
  • Scan the following documents:
    • Residence permit;
    • Certificate of authenticity of the driving licence issued by the issuing authority or consular office;
    • Driving licence;
    • Certified translation of the driving licence by the consular service of Portugal or another member state in the respective country, when its content is not in Portuguese, French, English or Spanish;
    • Psychological assessment certificate (if applicable).

Please send the form and scanned documents to trocas.estrangeiras@impt-ip.pt.


After sending in the documentation, you will receive an email to pay the 30€ fee indicating how biometric data will be collected, if necessary.